Beeskraal is an artist from South Africa.

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For one of South Africa's best-known rock groups Beeskraal 2020 is going to be a year of celebrations for them. The Pretoria rock group celebrates their 21st year in the music industry.

Since the late 90's, the group has been revolutionized with their unique sound. The group was the link between the then Free Bird Movement and today's Fokkof Police Car generation. The band's mix of rock music with traditional instruments has attracted the attention of many media and the public.

The group has already made a deep mark in the South African music industry. The group's style can be compared to the American 'Cajun / Americana' genre. Numerous awards have been received by the group over the years and still the group is regarded as one of South Africa's best groups. The group is best known for their energetic live performances and their individual ingenuity on their instruments.

Brief facts:

2019: Beeskraal is nominated for best Afrikaans Alterative Rock album together with Jan Blohm and Spoegwolf
2019: Beeskraal performs at the first Bands for Bricks at Sun Arena with Anton Goosen, Valiant Swart, Gian Groen, Koos Kombuis and Jan Blohm.
2017: Founder Charles Smidt launches the Cowboys4God international community project. Southern Bluegrass Gospel Country Music
2015: Beeskraal collaborates with Mandoza on his last live recording for SABC program "Jam Sandwich" with a recording of the song "Stop Racism" with Grammy winner producer Darryl Torr, also Mandoza's last studio recording before his death. This song was still only broadcast on TV.
2014: Charles Smidt (founding member) brings the concept forward and is co-creator of the pioneering series on kykNET Country Hart with Juanita du Plessis dealing with the history of 'country' music and filmed across 8 states in America during March and April 2014 .
2011: Beeskraal receives Huisgenoot Tempo and several other awards for Best Rock Group
2010: Beeskraal receives 3 Report VONK awards: Best alien song for 'All Summer Long', Best Group Album and Best Rock Album.
2008: Toghether with South African celebrity DJ Barney Simon as 'mc', Beeskraal also founded the SA / DC band in honor of the legendary rock band AC / DC they are touring nationwide.
2008: Beeskraal performs as Dozi's orchestra at Emporers Palace 3 weeks before full capacity audiences for Dozi's Creedance Clearwater Revival 'tribute'
2008: Beeskraal releases their 10 year album, 'Roots en Boots' with guest artists Dozi, Theuns Jordaan, Anton Goosen and Piet Botha.
Beeskraal also does a lot of charitable work in their community and is now involved with Woman Against Rape, Stop Violent Crime Actions, Helping Hand, SPCA, and Wolmer Trust for the less fortunate.
2007: The group also makes an appearance on BBC News Live from London during the IRB World Cup in France.
2007: Received Vonk and several other awards for Best Rock Album and Best Rock Group for the year

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