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The Bayimba Academy is the arts education pillar of Bayimba, offering a range of practical training for visual and performing artists throughout the year. They strive to empower artists through creativity, innovation, and collaboration with their curriculum. The trainings provided are aimed at introducing artists to new arts disciplines, developing artistic skills, promoting inter- and intra-disciplinary artistic collaborations as well as training stakeholders in the arts sector (such as arts journalists and arts managers).

In 2014, the arts education programme will include:

- East African Music Campus in Jinja: 26th of April to 5th of May – participation by invite only - Various trainings during DOADOA | 2014 in Jinja: 6th to 10th of May 2014 - Creative Entrepreneurship Trainings: Gulu (3-4 April 2014), Kampala (24-25 April 2014), Fort Portal (4-5 June 2014), Mbale (29-30 September 2014), Jinja (2-3 October 2014), Mbarara (7-8 October 2014). - Hip Hop training in Fort Portal: dates to be announced – Contact if interested - Live Performance workshop in Fort Portal: dates to be announced – Contact if interested - Visual Arts Exchange in Fort Portal: dates to be announced – Contact if interested - 4th Music Training Programme 'The Practical Musician' in Kampala: 11th to 22nd of August 2014 and 3rd to 21st of November 2014 – Register for auditions - Arts Journalism workshop in Kampala: 15th to 21st September 2014 – Apply - Live Event Coverage workshop in Kampala: 15th to 23rd September 2014 – Apply - Various workshops/master classes in conjunction with the Bayimba International Festival in Kampala: September 2014 - Creative Writers Workshop from 1st to 18th of September 2014 – Apply - Various workshops in conjunction with Kampala International Theatre Festival: dates to be announced

The 2014 Bayimba arts education programme is made possible with the generous support of DOEN Foundation, HIVOS and CKU.

During the coming years, the Bayimba arts education programme will gradually develop into a full-fledged training institution, to start with developing its current music training programme into a structured music training pillar of the Bayimba Academy. For the development of training programmes and other pillars of the future Bayimba Academy, Bayimba is always looking out for new engagements and new partnerships. Please contact them if you want to get involved and partner with them.

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