Azgo Festival


Azgo Festival is a project that aims to promote culture in many different genres, including music, fine arts and cinema. Its name is inspired by the slang of Maputo, 'Azgo' meaning ‘Let’s go'. The organisers believe in the use of culture to bring about mutual understanding and respect. The Azgo Festival was created in 2011, is organized by Khuzula Productions and is part of the African Music Festival Network (AMFN), which allows Mozambican artists to participate in international festivals and foreign musicians to also take part. The festival boasts an exciting line-up of international artists from all over the world.

The main objective of Azgo Festival is to promote Mozambican music. The two-day festival takes place in May at the Matchikitchiki grounds in Maputo. Besides music, it offers craft fairs, art exhibitions, films and Mozambican cuisine. It creates business opportunities for local businesses. The Azgo Festival also emphasizes education and social responsibility. Azgozito is part of the festival dedicated to children and offers a range of fun educational activities. Azgo's oranisers donate a portion of the income from performances to support the children of Gaza Provincial nursery in the city of Xai–Xai, capital of the southern province of Gaza.


MZMaputo, Mozambique
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Paulo Chibanga

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