Atongo Zimba


Atongo Zimba is a Ghanaian artist. From his grandfather, the young Atongo learned to play the koliko, a two string lute common to the savannah region of West Africa. He learned to play complex melodies on the instrument and on his travels, met and opened a few shows for the afrobeat maestro Fela.

Atongo’s return to Ghana found him playing with Osibisa and the Pan-Afrian Orchestra. In time he released four albums in Ghana and visited Europe as member of the band Allah Mungode.

In 2003 he relocated to the UK where he is fully based. But he retains ties with his home country. Atongo composes and sings in his native Fra Fra. He also sings in Hausa, Ga, English and Twi.

GHAccra, Ghana


Atongo Zimba
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