Assida Records


Assida Productions, an independent production company was co-founded by Yaba Angelosi and DJ Maurice in 2008. Later on a record label was also developed as Assida Records starting 2011. Now the company has the following divisions: Assida Productions, Assida Films, Assida Promotions, Assida Graphics and Assida TV.

Assida Records label has signed and / or produced for a number of artists including John Taban, Mista D, Refugee Music, Honor Lyrics, Ambra-Tor, Sway, Sultan Clintone, 703 Boys, Habib Musica, Zakqwan Sam, O-Kays, Meve Alange Patrick, DJ Onax, Giafa, V-Ve$ta, Baf Jay, Slick Nick, Flow Youngin, Dynamq, and others.

USWashington, United States
In operation since: 


Assida Records
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