Annet Nanduja and The Planets


This group very good when it comes to good old-fashioned down to the roots Folk music from the Buganda region. If you are a fan of that music you need to meet Annet and her troop, The planets. They have together been on tour in various parts of the world.

Annet has been at it all her life and became commercial probably ten years ago. Her new album Obufumbo Bwaleero features a remix of a track 'Etooke' for which she is well known. It is a track that is about Matooke (bananas), a staple food in the Buganda region.

It also features a track 'Akaveera' which discuses the evils that polyethene bags (kaveera) have done to the society. If you love traditional folk music, then you better buy her album. It is available on the streets.


UGKampala, Uganda


Kiyimba Musisi
Profile added by Stanley Gazemba on 24 Jun 2015
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