Alfredo Mos


Alfredo Mos is an artist from Botswana who enjoys a successful music career. He is pioneer of local rhumba music and his songs have won the hearts of many people over the years. He earned himself respect as a trendsetter of the local music industry after producing a number of artists such as, the Blue Diks of ‘Banana ke eng’ fame. He has released quite a number of albums and has worked with Biza Mupulu to produce such albums as ‘Botshelo’, ‘Motho’ and ‘Lwantshang Borukhuthi’. He collaborated with Frank Lesokwane (Franco) and came up with ‘Ipabalelo Tseleng’. He has also worked with less known artists such as Tumelo Mafoko is the president of the Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU).

BWGaborone, Botswana


Alfredo Mos

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