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Afya FM Radio is a non-profit project, under Tandabui Health Access Tanzania. The registration Certificate Number of the organization is 2925.

The Afya FM Radio comprises studio facility and transmission facility of 2-Kilo-Watts output. The studio facilities are accommodated at Capri Point, in Mwanza City while the transmission facilities are located at Bugarika C, one of the suburbs of the Mwanza City.

Afya Radio’s Vision is of a Tanzania which is free from preventable illnesses and diseases

Afya Radio’s Mission :

We work to realize that under-served population of Tanzania are well informed on health issues, demanding their rights to health, access appropriate health services and practice healthy living behavior through health system strengthening and private-public partnership. The main Objective of Afya Radio.

Afya Radio is an exclusive, by its nature as health leaning media. It is a strategic tool for Educating, informing, advocating and stimulating social action for better health.

Afya Radio covers Mwanza region and some parts of other Lake Zone Regions like Bunda and Musoma rural in Mara, Chato and Biharamulo in Kagera region Kishapu and Shinyanga Municipal in Shinyanga region with prospect of expanding the operations to other Regions in near future.

Afya Radio is a strong outreach and medium for improvement of health outcomes through, stimulation of the community dialogue on health issues, Interactive community journalism and a platform for public opinion on health related issues.

The Audience:

We produce programs with a balanced between majority and minority audience, favoring the mass audience of under-served population.

Afya Radio has attained a large number of audiences due to the expansion, the radio receiving a lot of feedback from listeners because it reaches 2.5 million people.

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Afya FM
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