The African Music Store


The African Music Store is a unique, exciting and vibrant shopping experience that helps give Long Street its creative heart and soul. Mark Charnas started the store 15-odd years ago with Helen Rose-Innes and Trevor Rosenfield. The store is a musical treasure trove, with racks of CDs spanning an impressive range of African music, as well as documentary DVDs, t-shirts, traditional instruments and listening posts. The walls are adorned with posters signed by famous African musicians. Just ask the amiable and knowledgeable staff to play anything you wish at the DJ booth. The store covers the whole spectrum of African music, including pop, gospel, reggae, jazz, traditional music, soul, RnB, kwaito, hip hop, lounge, rock and even African lullabies for children. They have a 'recommended' stand next to the counter that includes styles that they personally like, and a separate, highlighted section entitled: 'independent artists' for up-and-coming South African musicians who want to promote their CDs. Customers come from as far afield as Europe and South America.

ZACape Town, South Africa


African Music Store
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