Adora (Ad8)


Adora also known as Ad8 is an Afro-pop artist from Zambia who began singing at a tender age of eight. She used to sing while in primary school in Kitwe and teachers referred to her as Rabecca Malope, a South African top gospel artist. Not only did she sing in school but in church as well.

She attended a boarding school and formed a three member music group which saw her perfecting her vocals. In 2006, she accompanied her friend to Blazer Studios to record a single and ended featuring on his song titled ‘Wilalila’. Two weeks after the recording, she received a call inviting her to feature on the ‘Love by Love Doc’. The song was well-received. Shortly afterwards, she relocated to South Africa where she took a four year break in music.

She rekindled her career when she met DJ Semo who was working at Blazer Studios. The DJ introduced her to Shimpanzi and the two collaborated on a track called ‘Share Yanga’. A year later, DJ Semo called her and she recorded nine songs in a space of two weeks. Some of the songs featured Uniq, Prince P, Shimpanzi, Mo, DJ Semo, Big Black Sykor, Exile (Kangwa) and others.

ZMLusaka, Zambia


Adora (Ad8)
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