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Abdul Tee-Jay, real name- Abdul Tejan-Jalloh is a Sierra Leonean. Singer, Guitarist and Bandleader.

He started his career in Freetown, Sierra Leone in the 1970's deeply influenced by the bustling Highlife, Maringa and Soukous scene. He taught himself to play the Guitar and played in a number of local bands.

He travelled to the USA in 1975, to study Banking in University, where he played in a band called Spice in his spare-time. After completing his education, he moved to England ostensibly to start a career in Banking, however music won the day. He formed a band called called African Connection, later African Culture in 1982, This band even had as a guest Guitarist, a young Lenny Kravitz.

In a bid to reconnect with his Sierra Leonean roots, Tee-Jay formed the band Rokoto, with a specific focus on his homelands street music. He released three hugely successful abums in succession. One of which reached number one on the World Music Charts in 1999.

He continues to tour globally, with a loyal fan-base all over Europe and beyond.


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Abdul Tee-Jay --- Kanka Kuru
SLFreetown, Sierra Leone
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Abdul Tejan-Jalloh
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