Thuntsha Dithole Community Festival is an event which is on its first Annual year.The name of the festival is inspired by the founder's trade mark called Thuntsha Dithole.This cultural Festival is a collaboration between own child from the community "Thuntsha Dithole"  together with  Bakwena Community.This  is an original  Sekwena event  which shall take place on 26 August 2023 with the objective of retaining and celebrating Sekwena culture through this collaboration. The festival will be held at Ditshukudu lands,just 15 kilometres East of  Molepolole village, which is one of  the biggest village in Botswana.

What Is This Festival Intending To Achieve;

Celebrating Sekwena culture as well as  embracing the artist "Thuntsha Dithole"'s existing songs  through this community song and dance Festival.

Creating community awareness, building support base in this rural area,making the artist songs viral in the rest of Bakwena community.

Ensure that there is continuity in Sekwena culture, proper hand over, sustainability in this culture to preserve it for the future Bakwena Generation.

Raising funds through community engagement and ensuring that in the long run the artist give back to this community , which has been part of the artist support structures since 2005.making the artist songs viral  in the community,compare the artist songs  with the original composers in the community, as well

During this festival all artist existing cultural albums will be performed together with the existing Sekwena folk songs from the Bakwena Community who are based on Ditshukudu Lands.Other activities will include  creation of artist data base,merchandise sale and cultural foods from Bakwena Tribe.Although this festival is aimed at retaining and celebrating Sekwena Culture, the whole Botswana nation will be freely accomodated at this festival without any fee.The festival will be chargeable the following year 2024 after the demographics have been taken in order to give it the best package it serves.

Though it is the first time to market this festival extensively, minute community festivals  are always held in the same place and this new initiative a better milestone since there is already long term existing fan base.

Author:Thuntsha Dithole

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