Alfred Nthale alias YABA is a male artist from Nairobi, Kenya. His music is an invitation into his thoughts; a snapshot of how he feels at that moment. He prides himself as a songwriter, guitarist, and amazing vocalist. Yaba’s music has themes ranging from storytelling, youth, love, self-awareness, motivation, feel-good music, and other forms of activism.

Yaba debuted into the music industry after doing a series of covers and singles as an independent artist but got mainstream through his former neo-benga duo called The Red Acapella. His departure from the group solidified his intention to continue writing music that was true self-expression and what he hopes people might enjoy and relate with as well. Yaba is a self-proclaimed Prince of Rhumbacane. A music niche that fuses the genres of Rhumba, Trap, and Soulful Benga. He’s in his element with this musical style as it allows and enables him to be his authentic creative self, connects him with his musical roots, and provides a way of introducing and positioning the brand ‘Yaba’ to the world.

Though often overlooked, the genres of Rhumba and Benga are the main foundation of Kenyan music as we know it. Over the years, musicians (Yaba included), have sampled music from these two genres and/or music from previous generations and added their flavor and style to bring a sense of ownership. Despite Yaba being a rapper in his early years of pursuing music as a career, he fell in love with Rhumba and Benga as the years went by and purposely intended to use them as a musical identity. Trap is an entirely new 21st-century genre the young generation is completely in love with. He learned this first hand through Taabu’s (a song by 125 he featured in while a member of the Red Acapella) fan reception and love. With this in mind, incorporating Trap in his style of music is his way of appreciating this young generation, their love for Trap, and including and connecting them with their previous generations who are lovers of Rhumba and Benga music.

Rhumbacane is simply beautiful timeless music, a future nostalgia.

As a pioneer of this style of music, Rhumbacane was a befitting and meaningful title for Yaba’s first official EP. After doing a series of live performances and singles as an independent artist, Rhumbacane EP officially sets him off in the industry as his first official music compilation.

Gathering a modest but loyal fan base, Yaba is committed to sharing with the world his artistic works that cut across generations.

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