NASIBO'S CV Nasibo is a female musician who began her musical career in the year 2006. In her journey she has been a backing vocalist for several popular local Zimbabwean artists like, Jah Prayzer, Clive Mono Mukundu, Willom and Gary Tight, Clare Nyakudyara, Dumisani Ngulube and Edith Weutonga to mention a few. She has recorded two singles Chiuya and Ngomayekwedu.

Nasibo has been involved in a project called Emergency, a collaboration of Zimbabwean artists and Medical Sanfrontiers, the song was advocating for gender based violence. She did another project with Zimbabwe Heritage Trust and came up with an album titled Nhaka Yedu.

Nancy later went on to enroll at Music Crossroads Academy Zimbabwe to further her musical knowledge. She then established a band which performed at Book Cafe, Miombo Magic festival in 2015 and other places around Zimbabwe. She has also been a Music Crossroads Divas band leader which performed at international events the likes of HIFA in 2017 and Indian Arts Festival Harare in 2017 and 2018.

Nasibo was part of organisations like Rozaria Memorial Trust, the Yolk Foundation (which empowers less privileged women in communities and Women In Action a group of Zimbabwean female musicians which stands for the rights of women and children. NASIBO'S MUSIC Nasibo plays the Mbira instrument as when she sings vocals which soothes and uplifts your soul as she encoperates some of the vocal techniques such as Shona yodelling, the Ndebele styles, scatting and other ways she borrows from other African countries.

Growing in her career, she has found a way to address issues that affect the society through using her vocal ability to move one's soul from a physical to a trance or spiritual experience that heals the Links

She also sings of the problems that affects women and children, Ubuntu and other social issues .

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