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JANO BAND ETHIOPIA'S MUSICAL VIRTUOSOS In a country where modern music is influenced more by hip hop and R & B the ethio-rock band Jano has successfully caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. The Jano effect has come too long a way for the short time it took. The young band made of young members has set its direction on introducing a new element of fusing Ethiopian melodies with rock beats and they seem to be doing a good job with it. With music the surpasses any and all boundaries and cultures, Jano band is practically rewriting musical history in Ethiopian. But apart from making extra concerts. Their concerts have been welcomed heartily be it in the US, Europe, Middle East one any part of Ethiopian they have been to. Jano Band first exploded onto Ethiopia's music scene in 2011 when a creative team of music composers and instrumentalists brought powerful lyrics and high energy vocals to a genre hardly known in the country. Ethiopian rock music was officially born with the anticipated album release and international tours of "Ertale" in 2012 and "Netsebrak" two single music to honor legendary Ethiopian artists. In 2015 along with their much acclaimed singles "Yinegal" and "Darign". Today, vocalists Dibekulu Tafesse, Hailu Amerga, Hewan Gebrewold, and Hallelujah Tekletsadik along with musical composer Michael Hailu have solidified the genre and brought their global audience their 2nd new album called LERASIH NEW which was released on February 2nd 2018.

ETAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
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