Rab Bakari


Rab Bakari is a music professional from Ghana.

He has hands-on experience as an authentic New York Hip Hop creator, music producer, deejay, corporate person and social media platform advisor. He has also contributed to several pltforms such as Okay Africa and Africology.

He has also worked for Universal Music Group (USA) for 10+ years in the past. He has hosted/participated in panels at SXSW Music (USA); Social Media Week (Nigeria); CMJ Music Marathon (USA); Cariforum EU Business Forum (Jamaica); Geekend (USA); Kenya Music Week; WOMEX (Hungary); lectures at New York University (USA), Ghana DJ Awards and AFRIMA (Nigeria). He is currently writing a book about music scenes in several, urban African metro areas. MixerPot is his new African-orientated, booking, conference-speaking & entertainment consulting agency.

GHAccra, Ghana
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