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Founded in 1926 by Eric Gallo, Gallo Music Group is a South African producer and distributor of recorded music. It is also a well-known music copyrights record label in the country. It started off when Eric set up a one-man business called the Brunswick Gramophone House. This was a record shop distributing records from the US-based Brunswick Records into South Africa. After noticing a lack of recording facilities and recorded South African talent, Gallo decided to start a recording studio in 1932. This was followed with the opening of Gallo Recording Studios which produced records for his record label called Gallotone. The amalgamation of the studios and record label was later called Gallo Africa.

For the past 80 years, Gallo has been associated with major international entertainment groups. The company is divided into two divisions namely Gallo Record Company and Gallo Music Publishing.

In 2006, Johnnic Communications entered a joint venture with the South African division of Warner Music International, forming Warner Music Gallo Africa, making Gallo Record Company's entire music archive digitally available for the first time.

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Gallo Music Group
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