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Vuky J (real name: Judah Vukeya) is a South African born producer and DJ from Pretoria. The multi talented artist specialises in keys, guitars and vocals. He is a member of a well known trio called Nativeroots. Nativeroots is made also made up of producers Mindlo and Essential-I.

Before entering the house music scene Vuky-J had been playing a big role in gospel and jazz genres where he worked as a pianist and guitarist. In 2009, he ventured into the House Music scene after being recruited by the legendary DJ Ganyani.

He has been working in the background as a producer and session artist in the South African house music scene with big names like DJ Ganyani, Infinite-Boys and many more. He is known for his contribution to  DJ Pepsi feat Monique Bingham song called 'Pride'.

In 2014, he ventured in a solo career and released two singles namely 'Search Inside' and 'Light Up Our World'. The two songs earned him a household name in house music scene as a soloist.

His music is influenced by artists such as Louie Vega, Bar Samba, Ashley Bredley and Frankie Faliciano


ZAPretoria, South Africa
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