Natnael Ayalew (Nhatty Man)


With a mesmerizing stage performance and a huge smile that’s always intact, Natnael Ayalew, also known as Nhatty Man, lacks anything but energy. As an upcoming talent, he managed to crack into the Ethiopian music industry working with a famous band called Express which he later left to join another band called Sweet.

Known far and wide by his fans as Nhatty Man, he became a household name after his first single 'Amrogne' hit the Ethiopian market. In the early stage of his music career, Nhatty started collaborating with artists like Netsanet Melesse on the song 'Fertuna'. He also features on Dawit Frew’s 'Ethiopia'. He later worked with other renowned Ethiopian artists such as Henok Abebe on 'Cheferaw dera', the KORA award winning Tsedeniya Gebremarkos’ 'Yeker Beyalehu', Jossy’s upbeat track 'zigi zaga' and many more.

Nhatty’s life has gone in directions he never anticipated. After dropping from a civil engineering school in his second year in college, he started a new journey as a disc jockey (DJ). But it wasn’t long before Nhatty wanted more of the fun and excitement of the new life that was unfolding before him. After making an appearance in a couple of featuring works, he officially made his debut album 'Man' on February16, 2011.

'Out with the old and in with the new' was Nhatty’s motto at the time as he quickly learned his ways in the Ethiopian music industry and never looked back. 'Man' dropped in the market on February16, 2011 and was widely acclaimed by his fans. The album, which contains 14 tracks including his smash singles 'Amerogne' and 'Addis ken' features different genres like R&B, Reggae, rock and local rhythms. The album incorporates collaborations with some Ethiopian singers like Hade Haile and Betty.

Through his music, Nhatty wishes to change the bad image and stereotype that the world has towards his country, Ethiopia.

Nhatty who re-launched his latest album on April 05, 2012, has recently signed an agreement with Adika Communication and events so the company can manage him professionally. Adika re-launched the singer’s latest album 'Man' with six brand new songs added. 'Kanchi Aybeletem', 'Ghetto youth', 'Brand New day remix', 'Sunday', 'Tefa Amesgagn' and 'Where you at?' are the new songs that are featured in the new CD.


Track artwork
Nhatty Man (ቻቹ)
Alat Mela with Yon Addis
Track artwork
Nhatty Man (ቻቹ)
Melkae (my Face)
ETAddis Ababa, Ethiopia


Nhatty Man
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