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Vitali Maembe is a well-respected Tanzanian artist, guitar player and singer-songwriter, known for his original music that is universal yet distinctly Tanzanian.

He was born in Sumbawanga, grew up in Dar es Salaam, and graduated at Bagamoyo College of Arts. His music combines inland and coastal rhythms, with poetic and provocative lyrics. As for his music involvement, Vitali Maembe's focus is on awakening society, with lyrics calling corrupt leaders to account and provoking discussions to lead people to find their own solutions to pressing issues of the day.

He has performed in Germany, Switzerland, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Norway, Sweden and Hungary. He also uses music and dance as therapy and for palliative care. At the end of the day as with other art forms, he believes music is first and foremost made to be enjoyed.


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Vitali Maembe Shilingi Tano
Vitali Maembe Dance Battle
Vitali Maembe Kinoo


Vitali Maembe Afrika ya Baba
Vitali Maembe Shilingi Tano
Vitali Maembe our people
Vitali Maembe Nchi yangu
Vitali Maembe Kinoo
Vitali Maembe Dance Battle
Vitali Maembe Kwani Beigani?
Vitali Maembe Sumu ya Teja
Vitali Maembe - KICHAA KARUDI (THE MADMAN IS BACK) #1 - 2022
Vitali Maembe - KICHAA KARUDI (THE MADMAN IS BACK) #2 - 2022
Vuma - Vitali Maembe
Vitali Maembe - Kaizari (Official Audio)
Vitali Maembe - Sumu ya Teja Sauti za Busara Festival 2021
Vitali Maembe Nchi yangu (I am just a fighter)
NAHODHA - Vitali Maembe (2021)
Vitali Maembe Stand for her Land/Linda Ardhi ya Mwanamke
Bagamoyo Ubunge
Vita Live
Nyifa19 By Vitali Maembe
'Wimbo Mbaya 19' By Vitali Maembe
The Madman Is Back (Kichaa Karudi) - NEW film about plight of drugs users in Tanzania. COMING SOON!
Mahojiano Pt 6: "Mimi imani yangu ni Afrika kama nchi." [Arusha].
Mahojiano Pt 5: "Maonyesho yangu ni vikao vya familia." [Arusha].
Mahojiano Pt 4: "Wimbo wa Sumu Ya Teja ni wa pili kurekodi." [Arusha].
Mahojiano Pt 3: "Mimi mwanamuziki ambaye katika Tanzania ninayeuza muziki kwa bei ya juu." [Arusha].
Mahojiano Pt 2: "Mimi nia yangu ni kuwafikia watu." [Arusha].
Mahojiano Pt 1: "Maisha ya watu ni maisha yangu mimi." [Arusha].
Vitali Maembe - Mswahili aliposhiriki tamasha la Zinduka - Afrika Mashariki. [Arusha]. NEW!!!!
Vitali Maembe - Mswahili mwenye maneno na misemo. [2020]. NEW!!!!
Vuma (Live) - Vitali Maembe akiwa jukwaani kwenye tamasha mjini Bagamoyo [2019]. NEW!!!!
Cha Mteja - Vitali Maembe (Official Audio)
AFCON U17 TANZANIA Vitali Maembe
vitali maembe TV Live Stream
SALAMA - Vitali Maembe
Konsolata na Maria
Vimekaza by Vitali Maembe
'Walete' Vitali Maembe Afrika
Vitali Maembe - 'Afrika Shilingi 5'
Mama by Vitali Maembe Afrika
Vitali Maembe Afrika - KUDU
'Kilwa Dance' by Vitali Maembe Afrika
Vitali Maembe & The Spirits Tumpake?
bwagamoyo africulture tradition dance
Bwagamoyo Africulture - gumboot
Vitali Maembe - Hatuogopi
Ukweli wa Manjunju
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