Mr OJ is a highly motivated musician who believes that his disability should not lead to an inability to be proactive in changing his own life and wider society for the better. Opoi Julius, professionally known as Mr OJ, was born in Palate Aputi village, Tubur sub county, Soroti district, in eastern Uganda in 1986. He is the first born son of the late Mr Arieu William and Ajego Stella.

Mr OJ's father sadly passed away when his first born was just one year old. Due to a violent clash between rebels and the government, which left hundreds dead, Mr OJ's mother was forced to raise her two young boys in an internally-displaced people's camp for more than eight months.

Later, Mr OJ's mother married another man from a distant area of Uganda and the two boys were subsequently raised by their elderly grandmother. Mr OJ started his primary education in 1995 and completed in 2002. His uncle then took care of Mr OJ and his brother, supporting Mr OJ through his secondary education, which he completed in 2007 at Soroti secondary school.

Mr OJ was keen to further his advanced education, but finance was sadly not available. Mr OJ found himself educated and motivated, but had little to focus his energies on. However, it was at this point that he got particularly inspired by music, which he had loved with a passion since childhood.

He set about learning to play the guitar and started to write songs. In February 2007, he was fortunate to be sponsored to record his first two singles with Dyno Records, in Uganda. Mr OJ has performed at prestigious events including the International Day for Disabled People, organised by UN OHCHR in December 2007, and the Warid Telecom launch in Teso sub-region.


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