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Ahamada Smis is a France-based singer-songwriter from the Comoros Islands.

He mixes the traditional music from Comoros with urban poetry and rap, in the spirit of afro-ngoma. Ahamada Smis’ story is made of words and music. Among his influences and inspirations, he lists Marseilles, faith, poetry, peoples’ stories from around the world, as well as his origins.

Ahamada Smis did not want to rush. He used time to his advantage. After years of hard work and perseverance, he went from composing poetry in the rooms of a steel factory to writing in professional music studios. He carefully constructed a universe of his own and when everybody was expecting him to come up with lyrics about street life, he surprised everybody with his own reality.

Ahamada Smis’ latest project Origines, released in 2013, was produced and recorded during music creation workshops in Mayotte, Grand Comore, Anjouan, Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Reunion islands. It is an encounter with traditional music and instruments. For the live performance of Origines at the 2015 Sauti za Busara, Ahamada Smis was accompanied by two multi-instrumentalists who took part in the earlier residencies.

Originally from Grand Comore, Soubi plays gaboussi and dzenze. Mohamed Issa Matona, a music teacher and member of many local groups in Zanzibar, plays oud, violin and qanun. Recordings: Origines, 2013; Etre,2010; Hip Hop Live, 2006; Ou Va Ce Monde? 2003; Gouttes d’eau, 2001


AHAMADA SMIS "La ROUTE" clip Officiel
Ahamada Smis "AIR" live Espace Julien
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Ahamada Smis "AfrosoulTour" Comores 2019 #Moroni
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Ahamada Smis clip "Afrosoul" feat Boss One, Lexxus Légal, Matona & Fixi
Teaser Ahamada Smis #Afrosoul tour / Océan Indien 2019 #VersionComorienne
Teaser Ahamada Smis #Afrosoul tour / Océan Indien 2019
Ahamada Smis Nuit des idées le 31.01 2019 Au MUCEM
Ahamada Smis /instruments traditionnels des Comores #Dzenzé#Leçon1
Ahamada Smis "Liberté" (clip officiel)
Ahamada Smis album "Afrosoul" teaser #2 DJ Soon & Yul
Ahamada Smis "Afrosoul" teaser #3 live au MUCEM - avril 2018
"Kipépéo" ( jeune public) de Ahamada Smis & Yiorgos Karakantzas
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Ahamada Smis "Afrosoul"/Reportage TV
Ahamada Smis nouvel album "Afrosoul" Teaser #1
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Ahamada Smis " Gamina Ndazaya" (j'ai faim) live
AHAMADA SMIS "Gamina Ndzaya" (Clip Officiel)
Ahamada Smis "Wu gwana" (Indépendance) extrait live/Sortie de résidence Espace Julien 2017
Ahamada Smis "Afrosoul" showcase de fin de résidence Espace Julien 2017
Ahamada Smis "Gamina ndzaya" 1er extrait de l' album "Afrosoul"/audio
Ahamada Smis quartet au festival Aah Les Déférlantes! "Masikini"
"Comores" live Ahamada Smis quartet au festival "Aah Les Déferlantes!" 2015
"Mtoulou fait son safari musical" à Capexcellence (Guadeloupe)
Ahamada Smis feat Matona "Bachraf" remix Mungo's Park
Ahamada Smis feat Matona "Bachraf" remix Mungo's Park/ teaser clip
Mtoulou fait son safari musical#teaser1
Ahamada Smis feat Maalesh "Guiri hiri" (clip officiel)
Ahamada Smis Teaser clip "Guiri hiri" feat Maalesh
Ahamada Smis trio "Origines" live @ Babel Med Music 2014
Ahamada Smis "Masikini" (clip officiel)
Ahamada Smis "Origines" Trio acoustique de l'océan Indien
Ahamada Smis "Origines live" Fiesta des Suds 19.10.2013
Ahamada Smis "Gassi gassi" (clip officiel)
Ahamada Smis album "Origines" teaser # 5
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Les chants de la Mer - Ahamada Smis
"Où va ce monde?"
Ahamada Smis Comores (clip officiel 2010)
Ahamada Smis/ Hama beigné
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Ahamada Smis feat Cheikh MC "Massiwa"
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