Zulu Pride


Zulu Pride is a theatre company in South Africa.

The company was formed in 2010 under the directorship of Mthokozisi Makhoba. Over the past five years, Zulu Pride has been a platform for young South Africans who want intend to follow creative pursuits ranging from grass roots to professional excellence.

The cast of professional performers are all multi-talented and originate from the city of Durban. The company had its first tour in New Zealand in 2017.

This vibrant spectacle, showcases a kaleidoscope of dynamic traditional zulu culture. Zulu Pride has tailored a powerful educational experience that successfully creates an opportunity for community cohesion, cultural diversity awareness, racial equality and citizenship.

The company has delivered educational experience to about 35 schools. Its main aim is to grow positive perceptions and understanding.


ZAPretoria, South Africa
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Mthokozisi Makhoba

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