THE WORLD EDUCATIONAL SEMINARY INSTITUTE - - For The Year Of The Woman, WES Institute is giving away a Doctor of Theology Diploma to Honor Our Our Wives, Daughters, Sisters, Mothers, and Grandmothers for their Love, Faith, Believes, Spiritual Tears, Hopes, and Dreams. We have been reduced to a computer screen and click the boxes. However, your Th.D - Degree will be mailed to you at the United States Postal Service.

It's with a great honor that we have the chance to work with MUSIC IN AFRICA to further push the great music of the World into the open markets of online distribution and databases.

One of the first things that we did when we got the opportunity to select and digitally distribute most of the Music In Africa Library was going back as far as we can to collect the data and information of the artists from the early 1990's. By including them in the up-to-date data search engines in the United States, their music, pictures and stories will have been distributed into other digital venues.

SDC RADIOWORKS is a division of SDC DIGITAL RADIO NETWORKS and Smith Data Communications of Dunningan, California and Memphis TN, USA. SDC has been in business since 1967 started by Kenneth Howard Smith while attending Antelope Valley College, Lancaster, California.

Smith starting out as a songwriter, producer and artist with Century, Flagg, RCA, A&M and later with MOTOWN.

As a music publisher, Smith founded KERISTENE MUSIC, LTD (BMI); and later with the addition of GANT-MIZICK MUSIC PUBLISHING (ASCAP) expanded into; manufacturing and distribution with labels such as SDC, D-TOWN, PLATINUM SOUND, KSR, MOVE-UK, MASTERTRACK and several independent productions for MOTOWN, RCA, UNIVERSAL, SONY MUSIC, WEA, ATLANTIC, EMI/CAPITOL, CLARIDGE, Sir Paul McCartney's, MPL Communications and WREN Music, and HOTRAX among others.

SDC RadioWorks DIGITAL STREAMING SERVICES providing audio recordings, television, print media, motion pictures, software development and digital distribution services for many years. We at SDC OmniMedia Group encourage young artists with their own computer recording studios to explore the collection of great software for creating music and film.

When you get a chance to visit us -- . You can directly send us your music for radio airplay. Make sure that you have "tagged" your mp3 files (128MHz) with your picture, song title, youtube video link, music publisher and your biography. When you snail mail your music to us:

MESA, AZ 85208-1735-USA

EMAIL: A Maximum of three (3) songs (per email) with your information and in the email subject area: "RADIO AIRPLAY", and your may send them here --- ---. We look forward to playing your music.




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The Year Of The Woman. World Educational Seminary Institute, was founded in 2015 by The University of Angel Fire Theological Seminary School, East Mesa, Arizona. USA. Honorary Degrees
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