Wendy Verwey Bekker


Wendy is extremely experienced in the African Market, having done a 10-year stint at Universal Music in South Africa and rising to Head Of Marketing. Recently she has worked as Head of Marketing for OppiKoppi Festival, which is South Africa’s premier music festival and was ranked by the Daily Mirror as the “4th Best Music Festival in the World”. In line with this, she is the African representative for Festyvent, a Live Events app that enhances audience engagement and grows promoters' revenues.

She also consults to a South African music tech startup called Labs.FM, which develops new services & products surrounding programmatic access to metadata and real-time data, machine learning powered recommendations, automated playlisting and syndication, and custom data modelling reporting. She has consulted with Artists, Labels, Promoters and Media and is a knowledgeable speaker on the Music Industry.

As the global Music Industry looks to Africa as the next frontier, Wendy now opens Ditto Music's African office and provides an alternative to the majors, working with independent management teams and labels like NotJustOk and MAD Solutions, as well as artists like Chance The Rapper, AKA, Yung Pinch and DMW.

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