Bonjour Monsieur Brel

Jacques Brel: Music and original French texts

Vocals and guitar: Jannie du Toit

Susan Mouton: Cello

Chanie Jonker: Piano and accordion

Juanita Swanepoel: Compilation of songs and texts


In this production, Jacques Brel's famously imaginative texts are sung in four languages ​​and accompanied by a musical ensemble of the highest order. Jannie du Toit has for decades been in high regard as an interpreter of Brel and a foremost exponent of excellence in vocal art. He sang his first interpretations of Brel in 1988 in the production VAN BERLYN TOT BAPSFONTEIN in CLUB’58, Hillbrow, co-starring Laurika Rauch. Thereafter Brel songs were part of his trade mark - many of his productions featuring exceptional favourites. In the early nineties he became known particularly for his rendition of Madeleine.


Brel’s passionately haunting songs, which showcase his unique take on the human condition, are the focus of the programme. Just as the works of classical composers, and indeed all great art, the excerpts from his visionary writings are timeless. His brilliance emerges equally in all four languages ​​- a testament to his unrivaled gift of expression as the greatest chansonnier of the 20th century.