Balaa MC


Balaa MC is a talented and energetic musician from Dar es Salaam, who flutters the flag of singeli music in Tanzania. He works with the record label 26 KIPAJI SINGELI MUSIC which promotes and preserves singeli music. 

Rooted in his culture, his music tells stories of his people, their challenges and their triumphs. He is known for songs like ‘Nakuja – Remix’, ‘Kama Ujui Utajua’, ‘Sawa Nitaacha’ and ‘Stress’, among many others. In 2022, he released his 26kipaji Singeli Album that incorporates various musical styles in his own brand of singeli.

He has collaborated with various artists such as Marioo and Platform TZ, further expanding his reach and introducing his music to new audiences in the East African region and beyond.

He has performed in different events such as Marafiki Music Festival, Singeli Festi, Wasafi Festival, Nandi Festival and Serengeti Festival. 


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