ShankuluMusic band was founded in February 2022 in Nakuru, Kenya, by Jonathan Shankulu who is the band leader and main vocalist. 

He chose the name Shankulu because it is an African name that means royal family. Shankulu comes from one of the Bantu languages called Kihavu.

According to Jonathan “whoever chooses to join or work with Shankulumusic, chooses the best because for  the king one only gets the best quality.”

 It is composed of 10 members (three guitarists, including the main vocalist, one pianist, one drummer, one percussionist, one lady vocalist, two dancers and one technician),with the number varying to meet the requirements of different activities. They are versatile thus all their music performances cut across all genres. They perform at concerts, corporate events, and all types of parties. 

Apart from music they give back to the community through ShankuluGeneration, a CBO that has projects like visits to children homes, clean up exercises, environmental conservation exercises, street live shows, school visits and donation of basic needs and books through the charity activities that they organise.

ShankuluMusic also offers music lessons, French lessons, recording studio and photo shoots.

KENakuru, Kenya
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Shankulu Music
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