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RAPONTSHO VICTOR NCHABENG (born JUNE 18, 1995) in Free State Qwaqwa Hanchabeng village, professionally known as SLASH-D , is an SOUTH AFRICAN record producer, hip hop artist, DJ and record label called RED RIDDING HOOD. He is the founder, producer and DJs for the hip hop groups and other genre. SLASH-D assisted in the production of the hip-hop and house albums for many artists, his team DETROYER BEATS AND WASTED BEATS formed a group together only producers to help young artists and others. SLASH-D IS ALSO A MUSIC $ ART PROMOTER(MARKETING LINKS LIKE DATAFILE HOST, ITUNES, SOUND CLOUD AND SO MANY MORE)

During his career, SLASH-D built alliances with many young artists and helped champion them and still working with them to achieve their goals in Music. He began DJing in House music event, mixing dancing tracks and end up mixing vocals and making beats
In 2014, SLASH-D released his single track 24hours perfermed over 4 schools and 29 hip hop events in 2015. He is planning to release an album for the legends of South African music like Brenda Fassie, Lebo Mathosa and so many more. He is looking forward to work with many artist and producers to make South Africa to be proud of African music.


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