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From 2003 until 2009 Eleonora Iannotta has been the cultural and development expert for the Ngo Pangea Mundi in Italy being in charge of organizing festivals, concerts, events exhibitions, theatrical activities, sports activities, conferences, panels and cultural exchanges. Being also a musician, singer and art performer, she was involved in different events and performances taking part in the development of Art projects also at international level. During the past years she covered different positions and roles of responsibility in the field of development and culture in Africa and the Middle East. As musician and organizer, she collaborated with several organizations and Embassies as the Portuguese, Brazilian and Italian Embassies. Eleonora is currently the Executive and Artistic Director of the international Company IICI Consulting –Egypt. Working for this organization, she consolidated her experience in organizing concerts, booking of artists, events, conferences, open-community discussions, proposing agenda topics and handling logistics and planning new programs. In particular, her Company IICI is developing a detailed art program in the Middle East Region in specific in the music sector creating exchange with Europe, America and Canada. Her professional goals as executive and artistic director are related to increase the knowledge in the sector and to boost the activities of the company on the national and international level. IICI is promoting art as the highest form of human development and it is targeting the access to culture to all the different society`s layers. As program manager her duty is to plan the best opportunities and programs for her company and colleagues, supporting the exchange among cultures and art and the mobility of artists all around the world.

IICI CONSULTING EGYPT Co. is a consulting company providing services to support and incubate different typologies of projects and programs in cross-cutting business and cultural/music industry sectors with a strong experience of collaboration with for-profit corporations, Non-Governmental Organizations, governments and Embassies in Egypt. Our expertise spans more than 15 years’ experience due to an extended data base of experts and consultants in Egypt and all over the world working with some of the world’s leading companies and industries. We deliver results through a strategic lens of sustainability. IICI's core service offerings include Strategy Development, Strategy Execution Support, and Organization Development. IICI Consulting is an event management Agency and Booking Agency for Artists. IICI is representing artists mainly in the Mena Region and Africa, facilitating their mobility, negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing media relations. IICI is part of the network IWB-Italian World Beat that represents, supports and promotes Italian music professionals around the world playing a pivotal role in the development of partnerships and cultural exchanges.
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