Ebobo Production


Ebobo Production is a record label in Congo and Germany.

The recording stable produces music and promotes emerging artists from Central Africa.

Typical music styles supported are: Reggae, ragga, dancehall, Afropop and traditional Congo muisc, including Rumba

Ebobo Production organises concerts, media releases and makes audio-visual production for its artists.

Current artists are: One Missile https://www.musicinafrica.net/node/71104


Portrait de Ebobo Production

Ebobo Production a ajouté une date de concert

Portrait de Ebobo Production

Ebobo Production a ajouté une nouvelle vidéo

One Missile - Mfouengue (clip officiel)
Portrait de Ebobo Production

Ebobo Production

New Video out from Artist One Missile - https://youtu.be/bWVD3p3OuDo
Dancehall Artist ONE MISSILE - https://www.musicinafrica.net/node/71104
New Congolese Music Artists coming out this Year 2019.
Check out our FB site and YouTube channel.


One Missile - Mfouengue (clip officiel)
One Missile - My Super Star (clip officiel)
ONE MISSILE - Emission Cult´Actu - Présentation album ONE FAYA
ONE MISSILE - Show Case - Album ONE FAYA
One Missile - I love Brazzaville (clip officiel)



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