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THT Band is made up of collection of youth talents from the Tanzania House of Talents such as Mwasiti, Amini, Barnaba, Linah, Ditto and many others

It was in the 2010 Mini ZIFF the indefatigable Tanzania House of Talent rose to the occasion providing music by all the House artists. This was the first time in THT's history that the whole House including the band, dancers and musical talents were on show at one place.

Established with the aim of providing music, dance and theatre lessons to young Tanzanians for enjoyment, education and employment opportunities, THT is now one of the most famous Academy?s for the performing arts in East Africa.

THT prides itself on developing raw talent to a national level in a safe and supporting environment, whilst also exposing the youth to real life experience in the recording studio, live performances and cultural programmes.

TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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THT Band
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