Stocky Pearl


On Listening to Stocky’s voice, one wonders why this soft outspoken artist has taken long to realize how good she is when it comes to music. With the fast growing music industry, Stocky has the ego; perseverance and enthusiasm to one day make it big not only in Uganda but the whole Diaspora.

Stocky Pearl whose real name is Diana Esther Kintu is a 33 year old, married with three children and the 1st born out of four children. She was born in Uganda but mostly lived in Sweden for now 18 years.

She does all kinds of music ranging from reggae, R$B, Kidandali, raga and many more. Her first album had 5 tracks which include: 'Attractive', 'Choice', 'Mbasibula', 'My love for you' and 'Nkwagala'.

SEStockholm, Sweden


Stocky Pearl
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