Wy-Bizzy best known as Wy-B was born William Anthony Ddungu on the 8th of November 1985 a solo Ugandan artist who considers versatility his major strength to leave a mark on the entertainment business.

As a youngster, the dreadlocked artist listened and experimented with various music genres especially Hiphop, Roots, dancehall, reggae and RnB from artists like Maxi Priest, Damian Marley, Vicious, Wyclef Jean, Nas and more, these later influenced his current music style of fusions.

He attended Kabojja Preparatory & Buganda Road (Primary), Wits College (O level) and Kampala Citizen College (Hsc).He’s also a graduate in Journalism, Media studies, and Public Relations from UMCAT UGANDA.

He wrote his first song at fourteen and his debut into professional music was with the single "Party Animals" recorded in 2006, Wy-B went on to make appearances on a couple of tracks including "The Journalism song 2007" "Kiki kino" "Wanaringa" and "Gwensiimye”.

He later re-embarked on a solo career with "Bavubuka" and "Boomerang" back then in 2008. Wy-Bizzy is scheduled to release his untitled debut album in 2011 but already three songs off that album are getting airplay on most Tv and radio stations.

"Amateeka" “Bizzy Banga” and "Trophy girl" have been distributed into the market, with "Bizzy Banga" an up-tempo urban jam with traces of both dancehall and hiphop getting the most reception and airplay around town and media.
“Bizzy Banga was listed among the top five videos on NTV and Record Tv for a full month while “Amateeka” has been one of the most requested hits in most happening places.

The multi-talented artist is not yet signed to any major record label but in his own words "A young cub is most prolific and in its element, at the time when It is hungry to prove its worth to the rest of the wild" "I plan to become a constant reminder to fans of what the words "Mad Skills" mean. He said.


UGKampala, Uganda


Wy- Bizzy
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