Artist Revolution Trust Namibia


Established in September 2013, Artist Revolution Trust Namibia (ART NAM) is an organisation that was formed to promote the arts in Namibia and abroad. It was founded after the ‘Shishani & Friends – Love is The Movement’, a concert that was designed to engage artists and the audience in community development. ART NAM is managed by Shishani and his friends: Tanya Stroh, Sheena Schwartz, Kelvin Kamalata, Naita Hishoono and Ernst Herma.

It has representatives in all fields of the arts and intends to tackle challenges faced by artists in their respective disciplines. The organisation conducts community arts projects with artists, art promoters and art-supporters. The idea is to develop and nurture the arts industry thus bringing social progress in Namibia. On 8 February 2014, ART NAM held a meeting at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek to bring a dialog between artists and supporters. The meeting also covered experiences of artists with NASCAM and the National Art Council of Namibia.

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Artist Revolution Trust Namibia

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