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Seun Anikulapo-Kuti is an Afrobeats musician from Nigeria.

He is the son of the legendary Afrobeat musician and pioneer Fela Anikulapo-Kuti. Kuti has established himself, through sheer graft, determination and raw talent, as one of the most authentic Afrobeats forces on planet earth.

Kuti has for the last 6 years, been touring internationally on a grueling retinue that has taken him around all the world's continents, playing to huge capacity crowds. His decision to follow a musical path, was less influenced by his father, than by his own innate choice, which Fela encouraged, once he established that it was his genuine choice- nonetheless he had to prove his ability- and he did.

After his father's death, Kuti assumed the mantle of leadership of his father's legendary Egypt 80 Band. A tall order for a young man barely in his teens and It was not to be an easy battle, as he faced stigma and criticism from those who felt affronted that he sought to fill the shoes of his iconic father. Kuti, mindful of this challenge, took time out to study Music in the United Kingdom and returned to Nigeria, immediately after completing his studies (missing his own graduation ceremony) to continue his leadership of the Egypt 80.

His consistency and professionalism eventually paid off, as he eventually earned the respect of his critics and won well-deserved acclaim and new global recognition for his art and work. Kuti's album 'From Africa with Fury' underlined his fearless statement of intent to join his brother Femi as authentic flag-bearers of the Afrobeat movement.

He has just released his new album 'A long way to the beginning'.


Seun Kuti Live
You Can Run | Seun Kuti Live Performance - Montreux Jazz Club
Blacktimes | Seun Kuti Live Performance - Montreux Jazz Club
African Dream | Seun Kuti Live Performance - Montreux Jazz Club
NGLagos, Nigeria
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