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Action Music Tanzania (AMTZ) was established in 2011 by a group of professional, enthusiastic and talented musicians and music teachers of Tanzania who attended the first Global Music Campus held in 2010 in Dar es Salaam. It’s a registered organization by the National Arts Council of Tanzania with Reg:# BST/4733

Their motto is: What are you playing?
Their main Objective is to create a country-wide platform for music teacher-training in Tanzania

Their specific objectives are:
• Strengthening music education
• Developing music training curriculum
• Creating a country-wide network of music schools and music teachers
• Capturing and documenting Tanzanian music traditions
• Developing AMTZ as an important regional hub for music teacher training in East Africa

They offer:
• Twelve (12) Week Regular Music Classes in Guitar, Keyboard, Drum set, Saxophone, Trumpet, traditional percussion instruments (drums, marimba) and music theories.
• Extensive music teacher-training for two weeks
• Extensive instrument training for two weeks
• Live band music rehearsals and performance skills
• They conduct music research
• An annual national and East Africa music education campus

Their partners include: The Department of Fine & Performing Arts-UDSM, UDOM, Goethe Institut, Global Music Academy, German Embassy, Bayimba, Ketebul Music, DCMA Zanzibar, MuDa Africa, Lumumba Theatre Group, Dogodogo Centre, Police Band, T.P.D.F Bands, JKT Band and Music Crossroads.


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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