Dali is an African-Asian solo artist from Maseru, Lesotho. Born to Mashelena Alina Dali and Idrish Ali Dali. Dali grew up and was raised in Maseru, where she is stated at. She is an award-winning girl at the school, Montessori International School, in Maseru-West. She suffers from mental illnesses such as anxiety and bipolar. She looks up to one person, her sister, Shelina Mpho Dali. Shobonna has two elder siblings, her sister (Shelina M. Dali) and her brother (Noor N. Dali). She has tough times when it comes to her love life, but she trusts she'll be okay soon as she is still young and doesn't know what has been prepared for her, in the future. Dali hasn't released any of her songs yet, as she hasn't confirmed with her producers and fellow collaborating artists if the songs that have already been written should be released or not. Dali is considered a Queen, but she disagrees because she says she's a Gangster. Dali has been in operation since 2017 and hopes to continue her career till she can't anymore. She hopes you'll look up to her and love as she loves you because “We children, we never know what's up and adults too, but what we do know and believe is that Good has made a way for us and it's all in the future!”, she says.


Red bottoms, my new song will be released some time next week, along with the music video.

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