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The Music Time in Africa Collection is a collection of old African music by Music Time in Africa, a longest running English language program owned by the Voice of America. The radio program is well-known for playing music from some of Africa’s veteran musicians. Since 1965, this award-winning program has featured pan African music that spans all genres and generations. The program has a library called Leo Sarkisian Library of African Music where recordings and music from some of Africa’s legendary musicians is stored.

The Leo Sarkisian Collection of African Music consists of more than 10 000 audio reels, most of which were created by Leo Sarkisian. Sarkisian is the long-time host of Voice of America’s (VOA) “Music Time in Africa” radio program.

The show is hosted by Ethnomusicologist Heather Maxwell keeps who keeps listeners updated on what is happening in African music with exclusive interviews, cultural information, and of course, great music -- including rare recordings from the Leo Sarkisian Library of African Music.

Heather has travelled to several parts of Africa where she has had an encounter with different artists. In 2014, she travelled to Cameron where she met musicians such as Francis Ateh Bazore, Eliré, Manuel Wandji and University of Buea music students. Heather Maxwell is an ethnomusicologist and experienced music professional in West Africa and the United States. In addition to her on-air talent and production, Heather writes the companion blog African Music Treasures presenting in-depth reviews and conversation of rare recordings from the VOA archives.

Heather is a holder of Ph.D. from Indiana University specializing in African Music. She is also an accomplished jazz and Afro-jazz / Afrosoul vocalist. She has been working, researching, and performing in Africa and the U.S. since 1987.

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