Alewa Poetry Festival


Alewa is a festival done in Ghana. The word Alewa is the Ghanaian word for a locally homemade candy. Since its establishment in 2011, the event has been held six times.

The event is a collaboration between Global Arts and Development Centre (GADEC) and P.O.E.T.S. It is a three day event based that seeks to broaden its market horizon for organizers and stake holders. It was designed to provide a platform for partners to market their products and an opportunity for stakeholders to execute their corporate social responsibilities.

Alewa has partnered with individuals, groups and organizations in executing this event. Since 2011, the event has brought all poetry groups in the country together and has thrown light on Ghana’s Creative Writing Industry in the area of poetry.

Over 60 poets /spoken word artistes and four seasoned writers have had the opportunity to perform and review their works during the event.


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