Jahazi Festival


Inspiring learning through literature and music is at the heart of Jahazi Festival. The festival brings local and international writers, musicians, festivalgoers and the community together in a friendly environment to share ideas, learn from each other, create collaborative works, inspire and educate while nurturing a culture that values education and peace.

Literature is a traditional and popular way of inspiring people and music is equally significant. Music has always been used as conduit to connect people. Jazz is particularly important here, in Africa, as its roots extend backward over several centuries, representing a synthesis of many cultural influences including those of the slave trade right here in Zanzibar.

Building on the success of the initial Jahazi Festival in 2011, the festival strives each year to entertaining performances, discussions, workshops, book reading and meaningful and thought provoking exchange between diverse groups of artists, festivalgoers and the local community.

TZZanzibar, Tanzania
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