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Adjiri Odametey is a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter from Ghana.

His music bridges the gap to Africa for European listeners. Odametey’s artistic roots lie in the traditions of his homeland Ghana. Born and raised in the capital city Accra, he performed in such renowned groups as the pan African orchestra or the Ghana Dance Ballet. He has toured in Japan, Russia and Alaska .

His concerts excite both aficionados of softer pieces as well as percussion fans. His concert music appeals to a broad audience: from world-music fans to those interested in jazz to followers of classical music.

In concert, Odametey and his musicians avoid all technical gimmicks: they make do with their instruments, their hands and their voices. To Odametey, world music means combining his own experiences as a musician in various cultures with the traditional roots of his homeland in Ghana – thereby creating a personal aural environment.

What makes the concerts by Odametey so unique is his use of a wide variety of seldom-seen and seldom-heard instruments, such as: the balafon, the African xylophone which has squashes as resonators; the cora – also known as the African harp; the mbira, also known as the kalimba. In addition, during the concerts the musicians use various percussion instruments, for example, the talking drum or kpanlogo. Other instruments played live are: the flute, cajon, bells, shakers, the guitar and bongos, etc.


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Adjiri Odametey

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