Whether in his earlier incarnation as Steadyrock! or as he’s now known, Rocksteady.dub, Ivandro Jadir Americo Jacinto has long been beloved by music fans in Africa for his warm, expressive voice, soulful dub music and ability to write songs that are easy to love and impossible to forget.

Now March 2023 sees the release of a new single from Rocksteady.dub, “Running with Rifles” - a reggae dub track dominated by breakbeats and slow, soulful dub vocals that reflects on the challenges, but also the unity and strength, that love brings.

“It’s a love song that bridges the gap between the new school and the old reggae listeners,” says the Mozambique-born artist. “It will allow me as an artist to expand my fanbase and create a “wave” or movement outside of my respective circle.”

“Running With Rifles” was composed, written and produced by Rocksteady.dub in the winter of 2021.
“The production includes drums that are pretty ‘coldish’ sounding, recalling the original reggae drum feel with spaces in between. The drums are static without being boring, allowing the rest of the instruments to breathe and live and weave in and out of different soundscapes.
“I also married my trademark vocal with a sense of humanness and randomness, and created a vocal sample which sounds like an old broken vinyl but that brings intimacy to the sound. It all comes together to create something magical that I am proud of.”
The release of Rocksteady.dub’s new single is accompanied by a refreshed back catalogue release of One World Citizen, originally released 16 years ago and still packed with songs that lift the spirits. This includes “My Favourite Song” which was integral to the 2010 film White Wedding (South Africa's official submission to the 82nd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film) with Rocksteady.dub, performing it during a key scene.

The back catalogue release of One World Citizen (2007) includes a special 16 year anniversary C9ine Remix of “Best Days Of My Life” - one of the standout tracks on the album and a song that is still one of the most beautiful released this century.
“Running With Rifles” sets the message and tone for Rocksteady.dub’s long-awaited new full-length project, due for release on 06.06.2023

***Rocksteady.dub - Running With Rifles/One World Citizen (2007)
Release Date: 25 November 2022
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Genre: Reggae, Dancehall, Ragga
For Fans Of: General Levy, Shaggy, Beanie Man, Maxi Priest, Sean Paul, Konsheen, Ziggy Marley,
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Opportunité d’être booké: My first project back in 2007, The album that set things in motion, we did interviews, tours & performances. it holds a special place in my heart

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