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Yeha Hotel is one of the business units that is managed and controlled by BT Digital Business Bridge PLC. It was established in 1993 G.C at Tigray Regional State, Axum town. The Hotel is a three star hotel located in the outskirts of the city of Axum on the historic route.

Yeha Hotel is one of the few standard hotels and number one choice of tourists from hotels available in this ancient and historic city. The hotel is designed and constructed to represent the culture and history of Axumite Kingdom. The hill top location of the hotel creates a convenient site to watch and admire historical places as well as the town.

The hotel is ideal both for business and pleasure purposes, and has a garden and facilities to host private parties that require live entertainment.

The eye-catching sites tourists visiting Axum might be interested in include: The Northern Stelae Park, where a number of Stelae ranging up to 33 meter are located; St. Mary of Zion Church which is said to contain the Ark of the Covenant; Archaeological and ethnographic museums; The Ezana stone tablet, where the commemorative inscription is written in Sabaean, Ge’ez and ancient Greek; King Bazen’s tomb; Queen of Sheba’s Bath; among others.

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Yeha Hotel
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