Obaland Awards


The Obaland Awards, also known as Obaland Royal Awards, Obaland Music Awards, Africa Grammy,Oba Grammy Awards or Ewuare Grammy Awards that was established in Benin City Edo State in 17th December 1993, was inspired by the American Grammy Awards and the Oscar Academy Awards (which was first presented in 1992, at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel), it has an historical underpinning that is linked with the origin of the Benin Kingdom. The historical link between the Obaland Awards and the Benin Kingdom had been provided by the High Chief Priest of the Benin Kingdom, Osemwengie Ebohon. According to him, each Obaland Award antique plaque, which had been evaluated to be worth 34 million dollars, by palace chiefs, anthropologies and Art critic, was though designed by the renowned Igun vory of Benin Empire for King Ewuare II, the materials used for each award plaque were collected from “Udo village” to recall the importance of Aruan n’udo, the son of Idia. Some were recycled from Igun community, notable for ancient bronze work, and the blessed earth from Ekèndo, as well as “Uselu”. The members of Obaland Academy are mainly indigenes or families related to the Igodomigodo (or ovbi-edo, which means "child(ren) of Edo"). For partnership:officialteirf@gmail.com


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