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Amani Paul Ndunguru also known as kajer Paul, is a talented songwriter, vocalist, acoustic guitar player, a story narrator and an audio producer, was raised under an artistic family, he grew up seeing his father doing music and art, he then got interested in doing music just like his father.

Amani Paul Ndunguru performed in some live concerts like the faceless Africa concert held in the national museum in dar es salaam Tanzania at the year 2021,he performed at the TET (taasisi ya elimu Tanzania) meeting held at the mlimani city conference hall with the wahapahapa band, he also did some voice dubbing at the age of 12 in some radio shows, he performed a couple of concerts in the university of tumaini makumira Arusha on where he took his music diploma.

Amani’s goal is that his music reaches to the right person at the right time and bringing a different picture in music as well as art itself. he is also looking forward to start a media and art production company that will be an employment opportunity for the youth and teaching the youth to become productive through art.


TZDar es Salaam, Tanzania
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