Deco Shazam


Derrick Oyier Oyombe,Famous known as Deco Shazam is a Reggae and Dancehall performer from Nairobi,Kenya.


With his contagious rhythms and soulful lyrics, Kenya-born Reggae and Dancehall performer Deco Shazam has had a profound effect on the music industry. Deco Shazam seamlessly combines aspects of Dancehall with his abiding love of Reggae to create a distinctive and lively sound that enthralls audiences everywhere. The music of Deco Shazam combines ancient African rhythms with the catchy grooves of reggae and dancehall, reflecting the rich cultural legacy of Kenya. His ability to smoothly blend these genres demonstrates his flexibility as an artist and his dedication to expanding the frontiers of music.


Deco Shazam conveys potent themes of harmony, love, and social awareness through his music. His lyrics explore the complexities of life and use a raw, expressive approach to tackling both societal and personal issues. His songs give voice to the voiceless and shed light on the challenges and victories of daily life.


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Africa musicians gat good music... foreal

KENairobi, Kenya
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