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' Chantty Natural - Spreading Peace and Love through Voice.'
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“Chantty Natural’s music inspires compassion and knowledge that can lead to a more unified world community

Singer-songwriter Chantty Natural’s healing music infuses smooth Setswana vocals and sweet harmonies into contemporary reggae and worldbeat rhythms - creating a unique brand of conscious music and soulful rhythms that uplifts and inspires in Setswana and English creating a sub-genre of named Tswanshall.
Chantty Natural’s upcoming album, Winds Of Change, is a continuation of his work to bring peace, enlightenment and healing to the world through music in these troublous times.
Born and raised in the midst of a small Town in Africa in Botswana called Lobatse a –CHANTTY NATURAL’S role models were singers like Shabba Ranks, Yellow Man, Super Cat . Following the lead of such vocal trailblazers, the talented young vocalist won a host of local talent shows from 1996 and did his debut a recording 2001.
As a youth, Chantty Natural’s passion for reggae music was kindled by the truth and rights message and revolutionary sound of the legendary Bob Marley and The Wailers, backed by the soulful harmonies of the I-Three’s reggae s Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths and Rita Marley.
Chantty Natural’s talent as a songwriter began to build in Lobatse, out of which his freshman album arose – Seponono' which was co-produced Robert at Dagie Digital Studios (the studio coined and named by Chantty Natural). He has since produced and co-produced his music sophomore album ‘Tswanshall,’ an EP entitled ‘Motswansi’ and will release his 3rd album ‘Winds of Change' this Fall (NOVEMBER 30, 2023).
The much-anticipated Winds of Change’ album delivers a series of conscious collaborative tracks with Artist in and around the continent
‘Chantty Natural thrills the crowd with charisma and Setswana vocal, infusing R&B, soul, and gospel into traditional reggae grooves, spreading peace and love through voice.
Chantty Natural’s live performance earned his a place at the center of July One International Reggae Day Festival in 2019:
“Chantty Natural and his impressive Lion Paw Band really embodied the spirit of One World One Love; conscious music artists and projects representing influences from all corners of the globe, simmering together on a common ground and bubbling over with all-goodness.”
Since performing in Botswana and South Africa, Chantty Natural has shared the stage with reggae greats like Tidal Waves, Stepping Razor, at some of the most celebrated Botswana and South African music festivals, Jazz X Change , Catch A Fire, Maun Arts Festival, including Tswanshall Salute to name a few.
Works for non-profit day care for the elderly, persons with mental health issues and disabilities in his home village called Re Fa Ka Bone.
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Portrait de Chantty Natural

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Portrait de Chantty Natural

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Portrait de Chantty Natural

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Chantty Natural Rato la Pelo (Official Video)


Chantty Natural Champion
Chantty Natural Rato la Pelo (Official Video)
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Chantty Natural Rato Ra Pelo (Rato la Pelo) (Lyric Visualizer)
Chantty Natural
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Chantty Natural Frequency
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