Marine Money Family


MMF Enterprise is a registered Ghanaian company established since 2015. The company has expertise in mainstream multimedia and provide services in television and radio documentary, television and radio advertising, music videos, artist management and development, event production, marketing, PR, branding and media consultancy. MMF has notable accomplishments in different aspects of the media space by giving program direction to Miss Buy Ghana sponsored by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kuchoko Roots Festival , Ebola Free Africa concert and management to the Bibiba band, Tales Of Nazir animation, Chupa Africa, Isaaqaba, Yaw Frilla, Della Hayes and PR services for Billy Dorsey and Kay Morris (in Africa). In addition, MMF has produced television commercials for some companies in Ghana and was associate producers for “Send Your Love” on Ghana Television (GTV) and “EL SPECIAL” on First Digital TV. We are currently embarking on a sanitation project dubbed Plastic Punch where we save endagered sea turtles and the community from plastic pollutants. The project has a media and technical approach.


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