Mokete Shadrack Chakela


Mokete Shadrack Chakela, best known as Mosotho Chakela is a cultural music singer from Lesotho in a popular Lesotho musical tradition called famo. Mosotho gained fame with his debut album titled Manka le Phallang 1 (released in 1999 by the Shear Record Company). It features songs such as 'O ka nketsang', 'Ha ke noa joala' and 'Mosali'. He came to the spotlight again the following year with another hit album called 'Manka le phallang no.2'.

In 2006 Chakela won a South African Traditional Music Award for best musician in the Famo music category. Apart from singing, he is a businessman in Lesotho.

LSMaseru, Lesotho


Mokete Shadrack Chakela
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